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Chemo Sessions - the New Norm of My Life

So far, the chemo sessions have not been as miserable as I expected. I’m actually quite surprised at the relative ease of adjusting to the routine: the day spent hooked up to IVs, the all-encompassing tiredness afterward, and, within a week or so, the extreme joy of starting to feel pretty decent again.

I hesitated to make that last comment for fear that I’ll put a jinx on myself and blow the whole deal. I do realize how very lucky I’ve been that the chemo has been manageable, since many other women I’ve met have not fared as well. It helps thinking that I might be finished with all the chemo by the end of the year. If not, then we’ll make another attitude adjustment at that time and deal with the situation.

In fact, I recently met another patient at the cancer center who will need chemo on a regular basis for the rest of her life. I’d never heard of that before. Once again, I have to count my blessings that my treatment (so far, anyway) has gone so well.

I’ve been so blessed to have excellent doctors, a brilliant support staff, and a legion of people praying for me. The next major step for me will be surgery at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago to remove as much of the cancer as possible.

As always, I greatly appreciate all the prayers from my friends, family, and even perfect strangers. Amen.

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Your definitely in my prayers Beth. That is the course my husband took with pancreatic cancer. He had 3 months of chemo and then surgery in May of this year and he is having more right now. He couldn't have surgery right away because he was too ill. It's a tough road but is do-able. He tolerates the chemo pretty well, but definitely has 2 or 3 days down each week. They are doing very well with pumping of anti-side effect drugs before the chemo. Glad you have doctors that you trust... We do too...

God Bless
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Deborah, there is comfort in knowing that other people have similar experiences. That's one of the great things about thi0i website. Thanks.
Hi Beth, I had stage 3. I finished treatment in Feb. I had surgery last October, I realize now almost a year ago! Anyway I had IP chemo for 6 cycles. I had it in the IV on Monday, in the port on Tuesday then the port again the following Monday. I remember getting weaker and weaker with each cycle. I had to get fluids every Friday because I just couldn't drink. If you find you can't drink enough ask for fluids, because it really helps perk you up!
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